Dj's U-Pick Farm is a family owned farm/business. We have been selling blueberries for about 7 ears now.
Blueberries grow on a bush and our bushes are 3 - 5 feet high. We do not spray them with any pesticides.

Blueberries are one of the easiest fruits to pick. There is little bending and no crawling on the ground. To pick them, cup your hands under the ripe berries and gently tap them with your thumbs. The ripe berries will fall into your hands, leaving behind any berries that need further ripening.


​​We encourage our customers to freeze the berries in freezer containers without washing them since we use no pesticides on our blueberries.

Freezing our blueberries is quick and easy. The berries don’t need peeling, they normally have very few stems to remove, and they should not be washed prior to freezing. They have a natural waxy coating that protects the berries when frozen. If this waxy coating is washed off, the berries will tend to lose their shape and freshness while frozen.
We also encourage folks to eat them right off the bush as they pick. If kept in airtight containers, blueberries will last up to a year in the freezer. Many of our customers come out every year and pick enough berries to enjoy for the whole year.

​​​Finally, blueberries are easy to prepare. Frozen blueberries can be used without thawing in almost any recipe calling for fresh blueberries. They can be stirred into fruit salad, or thawed overnight in the refrigerator and added to cold or hot cereal. We drop frozen blueberries on our pancake batter while it is frying to make blueberry pancakes.